About Our Brand!

Tayy's Elegant Beauty, LLC, based in Columbus Ohio/USA, is a Holistic Natural Care Spa. We provide quality Spa Services, Our own Natural Make Up, Skin Care, Hair Care, Body & Feminine Care products. We also provide Cultural Fashionable product items (Clothing, Waist Beads, Earrings & Bracelets). Our Focus is to provide the best collection of quality products and services for our Customers based on their wants/needs. WE SHIP TO ALL US GROUNDS & WORLDWIDE!!! We offer free LOCAL DELIVERY for purchases over $100!!! We have a 7 day return policy on products at buyer's expense as far as shipping goes. For returns, Item must be in new and original condition it was sent in for it to be accepted as Store Credit or Refund. You can contact us through our contact page or at BookTayys@gmail.com for any questions you may have and we'll be glad to assist! Thank You :)

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  • Why do Women have to risk their lives in surgery just to get the body of their dreams? ... when they can achieve it with "Tayy's Bootylicious Cream" and the rest of our "Beauty + Bawwdyy" collection which consists of POWERFUL & NATURAL BODY ENHANCERS!!!

  • Tayy Sacred Yoni's - For Pelvic Muscle training and vaginal tightening/strengthening vaginal muscles and enhancing sexual performance/stronger orgasms. Known for bringing healing to the vagina both spiritually and physically. Made out of gemstones.

  • Now that you have discovered our Beauty Products, You can now officially slay completely with our "Cultural Collection/Accessories". You can also click/search for our Vintage Jewelry Collection above. Don't hurt em girl!