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Evian Spiritual Bath

Evian Spiritual Bath

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This service involves soaking in Evian Spring Water (includes many natural properties beneficial to the body), Oils, essential Salt(s), Herbs and rose petals, along with a body scrub of red wine, relaxation massage, while incorporating massage tools. The most beautiful and powerful aspect of this bath are the Spiritual attributes which serves as a "Road Opener", "Negativity Banisher", "Chakra Balancing" & "Miracle Magnet", energetically charged for all your heart desires. This service offers a glass of red wine & healthy snacks while relaxing in the waters. YES! Celebrate your incoming blessings. #Cheers

After ordering, you can book your appointment right away as you will get an email confirmation which includes the booking link. You can also book services here or by contacting or at 614-881-0348. I will follow up with you once your booking notice or inquiry is received.

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Taiwo O. Bola, PhD.

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