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Tayy's Goodz Serve

Tayy's "Miraculous" Wash and Go Exfoliating & Moisturizing Cleansing Soap

Tayy's "Miraculous" Wash and Go Exfoliating & Moisturizing Cleansing Soap

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Ps: The most recently mades ones (on the white plate) are very rich and creamy in color compared to the original ones we started with in the main picture. 100% Organic.


Tayy's "Miraculous" Exfoliating & Moisturizing Cleansing Soap.

Powerful Exfoliator.

Deep Moisturizing Cleanser.


Mattifies Oily skin so make sure to moisturize after using even if you don’t have oily skin.

Skin Rejuvenating, cleansing, ANTI AGING & exfoliating while helping the skin tone by removing any hyperpigmentations or lines/marks/acne.

 Literally a DREAM COME TRUE !!! 

Will last you a while which is why it’s pricier than our other natural skin care products.

 How to use: Place soap in your hand under sink water to get it wet and moist, then rub soap on both hands, after, you then rub the soapy remnants on face. Make sure to rub in and massage well into the face for about a minute or 2 then rinse it off. You don’t have to leave it on for longer because this is a very strong exfoliating soap. However, you can rub the actual bar soap into the “most challenging” parts of the face (acne’s and dark spots, etc), massage into skin, then rinse off right after. Probably the best exfoliator you’ve ever tried and will ever try. Only use for exfoliating purposes/external uses.

Made with Natural Ingredients

Shea Butter, plantain, cocoa pods, palm tree leaves, shea tree bark, coconut oil, Oats, Kennel Palm oil, herbal essential oils and natural mix.

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