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Tayy’s Elegant Beauty

Yoni Womb Healing Detox

Yoni Womb Healing Detox

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As Women, throughout our entire lives, Our Yoni's have been through a lot from monthly periods, to pregnancies, to child labor, menopause, etc. Not only have our yoni's been through the fire and the rain, so have we. We've all experienced heartbreaks, disappointments, love, and emotional transformations at different phases of our lives. At Tayy's Elegant Beauty, Our Spa services focus on the bigger picture. We deal with our services Holistically. It's all about Energy Healing Baby! The goal is to have you walking out smiling, energetic, uplifted and "well balanced". It's easier to do life when you are a whole and "well balanced" being in all aspects of your life. So when you order our Yoni Steam service, not only are you healing your Yoni (Vagina), You are also healing from the inside out. This is not your "average" Yoni Steam. The difference is very clear. We program our "Yoni Steam" to heal you all the way from the inside out. And if you're in a happy situation, this will help you feel more connected and in tune in a way that helps you to continue to nurture that experience in a loving and natural way. Our Herbal Yoni Steam is provided by a Licensed and Certified Holistic Health Practitioner, Energy Healer, Advanced Master Herbalist & Naturopath. Our Yoni Steam also promotes fertility,  subdues inflammation, itchiness, and irritations; decreases painful periods and menstrual cramping while restoring pH balance for Vaginal wellness and health.

This service includes "Spiritually Automated Color Reflexology". This is done to facilitate the goal of this service on a larger and even more productive scale. We recommend this service at least 2 to 3 times in a month.

Kindly state your purpose for ordering this service (while checking out) to help us further assist you better. Thank You!

After ordering, you can book your appointment right away as you will get an email confirmation which includes the booking link. You can also book services here or by contacting or at 614-881-0348. I will follow up with you once your booking notice or inquiry is received.

Thank You.

45 Mins!

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