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Holistic Facials

Holistic Facials

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This is not your "regular" Facial. No use of sharp objects, extreme aesthetic practices or harmful chemical products. This is NOT that. This is simply effective Skin Care treatments with the use of our Herbal and Natural Skin Care products combined with Holistic Healing practices such as; Use of Crystals, Energy Therapy, etc (which helps to facilitate and bring about impressive & lasting results on a larger scale) by a profound Holistic Health Practitioner. There are so many factors that impact the health of our skin so we want to make sure that we are healing from the inside out. We recommend this service at least twice a month or as needed.

Kindly state your purpose for ordering this service (while checking out) to help us further assist you better. Thank You!

To book us, You can call us or message us at 614-881-0348. You can also email us at Keep in mind that you must order before you book! Have a Blessed One.

45 Mins!

Taiwo O. Bola, PhD.


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